MUSHR's adoption process helps ensure that the best possible match between dog and future adoptive family takes place. The process includes:

1. Initial Information: When you first express interest in adopting a MUSHR dog, we ask for some information about you, your family, your current pets and your lifestyle. This background information assists us in determining which MUSHR dog is the best fit for you. We also request in this initial stage that you review and understand the basic characteristics of a Siberian husky which is located in "Breed Information/Characteristics."

2. Interview: After review of your initial information a volunteer will contact you to discuss which dog best matches your lifestyle. This interview also gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have about the breed as well as about the dog you are specifically interested in meeting.

3. First Meeting: After the interview we set up a meeting with you and the foster dog. This meeting typically takes place at the foster home, where the foster dog is most comfortable. This meeting is to see how you and the dog match one-on-one and gives you the chance to ask any questions you may have for the foster family. MUSHR recommends that small children and other dogs not be introduced until the second meeting. After the first meeting, we ask the interested family to take the day to think about and discuss as a family the decision of whether to continue the process and potentially adopt the dog. If you decide to proceed with the adoption process then a second meeting is scheduled.

4. Second Meeting: The second meeting typically takes place at the adoptive home. This meeting is to see how the dog interacts in the potential new home, including with any resident pets and/or smaller children. This meeting also allows the adoptive family to ask additional questions of the foster family. If the second meeting goes well then we can proceed with the adoption of the MUSHR dog at the second meeting.
5. Adoption donation: When the adoption takes place (typically at the second meeting) MUSHR asks for an adoption donation. This donation helps MUSHR offset the costs of foster care, veterinary services and any other medical treatment. The adoption fee is $400 and up for dogs under 9 months and $350 for dogs 9 months and older.

6. Adoption contract: When the adoption takes place MUSHR has you complete the adoption contract. MUSHR gives you a copy of the MUSHR dog's medical records and MUSHR's adoption guidelines. The guidelines provide some useful information and suggestions about dog care.

7. New Home: Throughout the life of a MUSHR dog the volunteers will always be available to provide assistance. If you have any questions or need training tips a MUSHR volunteer will be available to help. If you need a dog-sitter for your adopted MUSHR dog, you may contact MUSHR who will then try to find an available dog sitter.

MUSHR's adoption process is in place to make sure the best possible match is made between dog and future owner. If you have any questions or are interested in adopting please call or email us at