Thorough research of a breed is recommended before adopting a dog. Owning a Siberian husky requires a responsible commitment by the owner to understand the information below.

* A Siberian husky should NEVER be off-leash. Siberian huskies are bred to run. When off-leash this instinct to run takes over. No amount of training can curb this instinct.

* Siberian huskies are high energy. They are part of the working breed class of dogs. They were bred to lead an active lifestyle and need an owner who does as well.

* Siberian huskies need to be supervised around small children due to their high energy.

* Siberian huskies are intelligent and strong-willed. They have the independent nature of a cat, which makes obedience training challenging but necessary.

* Siberian huskies are prey-driven. They view birds, rabbits, squirrels, and other animals as prey. Cats are also viewed as prey unless socialized with cats from a very young age.

* Siberian huskies are escape artists. If their head can fit in an opening, their body will follow. Siberian huskies have been known to climb/jump the fence; dig under the fence and even chew their way out of the fence.

* Siberian huskies love to dig. They have a natural proclivity to dig holes for shelter. You will not have a perfect yard if you have a Siberian husky.

* Siberian huskies shed or "blow their coat" twice a year. They are free of the typical dog odor. Siberian huskies are considered a medium to large breed of dog ranging from 35 – 60 pounds.

* Siberian huskies are not guard dogs. Though their look is intimidating they do not have the territorial nature of other breeds such as a German shepherd.

* Siberian huskies are not wolves. Though they howl/"woo" and have a similar appearance to a wolf, Siberian huskies are no more related to a wolf than any other breed of dog.